Red River Valley Sugarbeet Project

The Red River Valley region is known as the nation’s sugar bowl and is a primary area of focus for sustainably sourced sugarbeets since 2012. General Mills, Kellogg Company, and Syngenta are actively working with producers in North Dakota and Minnesota to establish a credible baseline utilizing the Field to Market® environmental performance indicators as well as documenting improvements across the crop rotation. Our collective mission is to advance sustainable farming practices within sugarbeet production through conservation solutions and technologies without sacrificing yield, quality or profitability. By exploring opportunities for improvement and promoting sustainable solutions, the supply chain can help to ensure meeting future challenges of feeding the world while better managing natural resources. The Project aims to build a shared understanding of sustainability as well as educate and equip growers with the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet future global needs



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Kellogg Company
General Mills, Inc.
Syngenta Corporation

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Syngenta Corporation