P&H Hard Red Wheat Innovation Project

P&H is teaming up with Field to Market Canada as they continue to expand their Hard Red Wheat (HRW) program in Ontario. They will work with 20 - 40 growers to establish benchmark data that will be collected over one year. P&H will use the science-based and outcomes-focused to capture the sustainable production practices of producers participating in the project. 


Engagement Targets

Notes: (1) I Minor fluctuations in the number of retained growers is expected from year to year. These fluctuations may be due to year-over-year crop rotation effects or other factors beyond the control of the project. Enrolled acres represent the total number of acres on an individual farm in a specific year. The ability to report enrolled acres is based on the Fieldprint Project Standard requirement that individual growers enrolled in projects enter at least 10% of the acres managed for a specific crop. (2) Entered acres represent the actual number of enrolled acres for which data is entered in the Fieldprint Platform for analysis.


Provide recommendations for growers on how to improve environmental outcomes going forward for their HRW program will be determined based on project results.
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