Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance

The goal of this project is to improve water quality and soil health in an area of Southwest Wisconsin where a group of conservation-minded farmers are learning together and implementing practices to make a difference. This will be done by engaging farmer members of the Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance (LASA) and their partners in utilizing tools and data to increase knowledge and maximize the benefits of on-farm conservation work.


Engagement Targets

Notes: (1) I Minor fluctuations in the number of retained growers is expected from year to year. These fluctuations may be due to year-over-year crop rotation effects or other factors beyond the control of the project. Enrolled acres represent the total number of acres on an individual farm in a specific year. The ability to report enrolled acres is based on the Fieldprint Project Standard requirement that individual growers enrolled in projects enter at least 10% of the acres managed for a specific crop. (2) Entered acres represent the actual number of enrolled acres for which data is entered in the Fieldprint Platform for analysis.


Engage 10-20 LASA members in this project in 2020.
Second Party Verified

Data collection is in progress for crop year 2022.  To date, cropping information for 12 farms and 3709 acres has been entered.  Information is begin sought from 3 additional farms that had participated in the 2021 crop year.  The Lafayette Ag Sustainability Alliance supported by Farmers for Sustainable Foods is responsible for the engagement of member participation in the project.  Grande Cheese encourages their milk producers to be participants in the project as well.  

Second Party Verified

Once 2023 crop data analysis (still ongoing) is completed the project will be completed.  Project results and establishment of any project claims will be presented to the Lafayette Ag Sustainability Alliance in July of 2024. A final report will be submitted in 2024 for the project.

Final outcomes included analysis of 15 farms, 175 fields, 802 crop years, and 22,522 entered acres using the FieldPrint Platform.  Managed acres for the participating farms in 2022 was 22,791.



Project Lead Organization(s)
Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative (Full)
Houston Engineering (Full)
The Nature Conservancy (Full)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (Full)

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