Kellogg’s Origins™ Great Lakes Wheat Project

As part of an overarching commitment to sustainable agriculture, Kellogg Company, Syngenta and the Nature Conservancy are working with producers in Eastern Michigan in the Saginaw Bay watershed to establish a credible baseline utilizing the Field to Market® environmental performance indicators as well as documenting improvements across the wheat rotation. The mission is to create a more profitable and sustainable supply chain with conservation farming practices and precision ag technologies that will enhance natural resource management, supporting water quality in the Saginaw Bay and Great Lakes watershed. This program shows first-hand how producers, the agribusiness community and value chain partners are making a difference by actively encouraging sustainable agriculture, science-based metrics and conservation solutions to meet future environmental goals. It is our intent that the Eastern Michigan farmers will build a shared understanding of sustainability and deliver continuous improvement through our collective effort to provide outreach, insights and equip growers with the knowledge, skills and expertise.


Engagement Targets

Notes: (1) I Minor fluctuations in the number of retained growers is expected from year to year. These fluctuations may be due to year-over-year crop rotation effects or other factors beyond the control of the project. Enrolled acres represent the total number of acres on an individual farm in a specific year. The ability to report enrolled acres is based on the Fieldprint Project Standard requirement that individual growers enrolled in projects enter at least 10% of the acres managed for a specific crop. (2) Entered acres represent the actual number of enrolled acres for which data is entered in the Fieldprint Platform for analysis.


Track continuous improvement on 25% of the acres needed to represent Kellogg’s annual sourcing volumes from this region
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Tracked continuous improvement across 19% of acres needed to represent Kellogg's annual sourcing volumes from this region.

Incentivize the adoption of conservation agriculture practices on participating farms through the education and financial assistance provided by project partners

From 2015 to 2019, an increasing number of fields had at least one conservation practices adopted over time. The program had significant increases both in acres with conservation practices and the percent of acres with conservation practices over time.


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