General Millls, Syngenta and ADM Central North Dakota Project

As part of an overarching commitment to sustainable agriculture, General Mills, Archer Daniels Midland Company, and Syngenta are working with producers in Central North Dakota to establish a credible baseline utilizing the Field to Market® environmental performance indicators as well as documenting improvements across the wheat rotation since 2012. The mission is to create a more profitable and sustainable supply chain with conservation farming practices and Precision Ag technologies that will enhance natural resource management.This project shows us first-hand how producers, the agri-business community and value chain partners are making a difference by actively encouraging sustainable agriculture, science-based metrics and conservation solutions to meet future environmental goals. It is our intent that the Central North Dakota Project will build a shared understanding of sustainability as well as provide outreach, insights and equip growers with the knowledge, skills and expertise to amplify the growing supply chain.



Project Sponsor Organization(s)
General Mills, Inc.
Syngenta Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company

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