Cotton Incorporated Research Project

Cotton Incorporated supports many research projects throughout the beltwide cotton growing region in the United States. This research on irrigation, soil fertility, and precision ag technologies among other things, normally focuses on treatment effects on yield and/or economics. The Fieldprint Platform enables researchers to quantify the various environmental metrics and use them alongside yield and economics to determine best management practices. This effort supports the mission of the US cotton industry to benchmark and continuously improve upon sustainable production of cotton.


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Notes: (1) I Minor fluctuations in the number of retained growers is expected from year to year. These fluctuations may be due to year-over-year crop rotation effects or other factors beyond the control of the project. Enrolled acres represent the total number of acres on an individual farm in a specific year. The ability to report enrolled acres is based on the Fieldprint Project Standard requirement that individual growers enrolled in projects enter at least 10% of the acres managed for a specific crop. (2) Entered acres represent the actual number of enrolled acres for which data is entered in the Fieldprint Platform for analysis.


Fieldprint results will be developed for 100% of university-led cotton research funded through Cotton Incorporated to document sustainability outcomes alongside the adoption of various conservation practices and technology solutions. (Please note the scope of this research varies year to year).
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We were not able to collect 2020 crop year data because of COVID-19 restrictions.


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