ADM and Pepsico Regenerative Ag Project

ADM, Pepsico, Farmers Business Network, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, Minnesota Soil Health Coalition, American Farmland Trust, and Ducks Unlimited will all be working together around corn, soy, and wheat supply sheds to incentivize and educate farmers on adopting regenerative ag practices. 


Engagement Targets

Notes: (1) I Minor fluctuations in the number of retained growers is expected from year to year. These fluctuations may be due to year-over-year crop rotation effects or other factors beyond the control of the project. Enrolled acres represent the total number of acres on an individual farm in a specific year. The ability to report enrolled acres is based on the Fieldprint Project Standard requirement that individual growers enrolled in projects enter at least 10% of the acres managed for a specific crop. (2) Entered acres represent the actual number of enrolled acres for which data is entered in the Fieldprint Platform for analysis.


ADM and Pepsico Regenerative Ag Project
ADM and Pepsico along with other partners plan to work together to incentivize and educate farmers on adopting practices that have positive environmental impacts.
Second Party Verified

ADM and Program Partners worked together to engage farmers in shared supply sheds through practice and outcome incentives paired alongside conservation ag educational opportunities. The process started with initial engagement explaining program details and requirements from either an ADM representative, technical assistance representative, or data collection representative. Then the farmer had access to one of several different regionally specific technical assistance partners that includes: Practical Farmers or Iowa, Minnesota Soil Health Coalition, Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, American Farmland Trust, Ducks Unlimited, and Flint River Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Interactions could include one on one consultations, receiving digital training sessions, e-mail communication, and field days. After the farmers completed harvest and regen ag practice, data was collected by Farmers Business Network to help support calculations of outcomes and verification of practices that were incentivized. Survey responses from farmers indicated 96% of farmers would re-enroll in program the next year and 87% would be willing to promote the program to other farmers which are both very positive.


Project Details

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