Nominate a Trusted Adviser


The following information is required to be profiled in Field to Market’s Trusted Adviser Spotlight Series or to be considered for the Trusted Adviser of the Year Award.

Field to Market recognizes our Spotlight Honorees at our annual June Plenary and the winners of our annual Sustainability Leadership Awards at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit in November. In addition to this recognition, each Spotlight Honoree and Award winner are recognized through the year through Field to Market’s communications channels and press coverage. Learn more about past annual Award winners or explore our Spotlight series.

  • The Trusted Adviser Spotlight Series profiles Trusted Advisers who are leaders in working with farmers on advancing continuous improvement. 
  • The Trusted Adviser of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding Trusted Adviser who is a champion in advising, leading and partnering with farmers and the supply chain in adopting conservation practices and advancing continuous improvement.

Examples of a Trusted Adviser include, but are not limited to:

  • Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), independent crop consultant, agronomist, ag retailer representative, seed dealer, equipment dealer, university extension agent, NRCS conservationist, Conservation District specialist, Technical Service Provider, and livestock nutritionist.


  1. Adviser must be an individual who works with farmers in a professional capacity to advise and recommend practices and services that best meet the needs of the farmer’s operation.
  2. Adviser must support farmers in pursuing continuous improvement and understanding how specific management practices positively impact one of Field to Market’s eight sustainability outcomes. 
    • Weighted consideration for demonstrated use of the Fieldprint Platform or engagement in an Accelerator Project.
  3. Display a willingness to advocate and share learnings with others to scale sustainability


  1. Speak to how adviser has created opportunities for continuous improvement in sustainability for their farmer customers.
  2. Demonstrated their ability to increase adoption of sustainability practices and Field to Market tools and resources by farmer customers, as well as serve as a champion for sustainability towards other trusted advisers and/or supply chain partners.
  3. Demonstrate a systems approach to continuous improvement through advising and/or focus on improving a specific outcome due to importance regionally.

Crafting a Strong Awards Nomination:

As a resource for members preparing nominations for the Sustainability Leadership Awards, we hosted a Field to Market In Focus webinar on crafting a strong awards nomination. Please refer to the webinar slides and recording to learn answers to frequently asked questions and tips on preparing your nomination.

Trusted Adviser Overview


Contact Info
Please describe in no more than two sentences an overview of the Trusted Adviser’s role in providing farmers with support in achieving continuous improvement

Member Relationships

Please reference Field to Market's Current Membership List and provide the name and contact information for any members that should be notified about the nomination due to relationships with the adviser.


Member Contact #1
Member Contact #2
Member Contact #3

Nominator Contact Information


Trusted Adviser Details

NOTE: The questions below are required for both Trusted Adviser Spotlight and Trusted Adviser of the Year nominations.


(1) Please give an overview of the Trusted Adviser’s work, including his or her role in advising farmer customers, what environmental outcomes they advise on, and their use of the FIeldprint Platform in advancing farmer customers’ journey of continuous improvement.

(2) How is the Trusted Adviser advocating for sustainable practices to farmer customers and/or other stakeholders? Please provide specific examples of leadership service, event participation, or other advocacy work.

(3) Please include a quote from a farmer who the Trusted Adviser has worked with highlighting their accomplishments and success in communicating about sustainability practices.

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Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx.

Include a minimum of one and up to six photos with short descriptions in an accompanying text file that visually demonstrate the narrative portion of the nomination.

Please Note: Completion of the Following Section is Required for Trusted Adviser of the Year Nominations

If you would like the adviser to also be considered for the Trusted Adviser of the Year Award as part of Field to Market's Sustainability Leadership Awards in November, please complete the following information. Please note that being featured as a Trusted Adviser Spotlight does not require the following information and you may skip forward to submit your nomination.


(1) Please provide an overview of the Trusted Adviser’s involvement with Field to Market, including any projects they participate in, relationships with members, or utilization of the Fieldprint Platform.

(2) Please describe how the Trusted Adviser’s work advances Field to Market’s mission (i.e. creating opportunities for continuous improvements in productivity, profitability, and environmental outcomes)

(3) Please provide an overview of the outcomes the Trusted Adviser has achieved to date, providing specific, quantifiable examples of farmer uptake of conservation practices or Field to Market resources where possible, as well as lessons learned in advocating for sustainability.

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Case studies or media articles regarding the adviser's efforts
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Letters of recommendation from collaborators and/or other partners knowledgeable about milestones or accomplishments achieved by the adviser.