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The following information is required to be profiled in Field to Market’s Farmer Spotlight Series or to be considered for the Farmer of the Year Award.

Field to Market recognizes our Spotlight Honorees at our annual June Plenary and the winners of our annual Sustainability Leadership Awards at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit in November. In addition to this recognition, each Spotlight Honoree and Award winner are recognized through the year through Field to Market’s communications channels and press coverage. Learn more about past annual Award winners or explore our Spotlight series.  

  • The Farmer Spotlight Series profiles six to twelve farmers who are champions of conservation throughout the United States.
  • The Farmer of the Year Award recognizes the farmer with multiple years of experience utilizing the Fieldprint Platform who has achieved outstanding conservation throughout their operation and is demonstrating leadership in the grower community.


  1. Ability to connect how specific management practices positively impact one of Field to Market’s eight sustainability outcomes and drive continuous improvement. 

    • Weighted consideration for demonstrated use of the Fieldprint Platform or enrollment in an Accelerator Project.
    • Will also consider farmers who focused on improving a specific outcome due to importance regionally (local/regional natural resource concern)
  2. Demonstrated willingness to advocate and share learnings with others to scale sustainability.


  1. Demonstrated use of the Fieldprint Platform for multiple years.
  2. Demonstrated systems approach to continuous improvement and/or focus on improving a specific outcome due to local/regional importance.
  3. Ability to speak to specific management practices that were implemented and their impact on sustainability outcomes.
  4. Ability to speak to how a journey of continuous improvement has helped drive greater on-farm efficiencies and positively impacted their bottom line.
  5. Potential for adoption and replication of practices by other farmers.

Crafting a Strong Awards Nomination:

As a resource for members preparing nominations for the Sustainability Leadership Awards, we hosted a Field to Market In Focus webinar on crafting a strong awards nomination. Please refer to the webinar slides and recording to learn answers to frequently asked questions and tips on preparing your nomination.

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Farmer Overview


Nominee Name

Member Relationships

Please reference Field to Market's Current Membership List and provide the name and contact information for any members that should be notified about the nomination due to relationships with the farmer.


Member Contact #1
Member Contact #2
Member Contact #3

Nominator Contact Information


Primary Contact for Nomination

Farmer Details

NOTE: The questions below are required for both Farmer Spotlight and Farmer of the Year nominations.


(1) Describe how the farmer is involved with Field to Market. *

Please expound on one or more of the following examples or explain other form of engagement with Field to Market:

• Involved in a Fieldprint Project, collaborating with the supply chain on a journey of continuous improvement;
• Working with their grower organization to document & demonstrate stewardship through use of the Fieldprint Calculator;
• Working with NGO, university or NRCS on measuring sustainability performance of management practices; or
• Other – please explain.

(2) Please describe the innovative techniques and/or conservation practices the farmer has implemented or plans to implement that deserve recognition, and how these techniques and practices have led to demonstrated continuous improvement. *

Please note if these techniques/practices address regional natural resource concerns (e.g. NRCS Critical Conservation Area Resource Concerns). These innovations can include but are not limited to improvements in production efficiency, set-aside, and edge of field practice adoption.

(3) How is the farmer influencing the local/regional/national farming community and sharing their conservation and stewardship efforts? *

Weighted consideration for farmers that are able to speak to the benefits of how this journey of continuous improvement has helped drive greater efficiencies on farm and positively impact their bottom line.

List any recognition the farmer has received (e.g., awards, media articles, etc.) and any programs/platforms he/she is involved in to share conservation and stewardship efforts with other farmers (e.g., speaking opportunities, hosting field days at their farm, etc.)

Required Enclosures

1) Please provide a JPEG photo of nominee
2) Please include any additional letters of recommendation or contact information of individuals willing to provide additional background/be interviewed about the farmer’s stewardship efforts.
3) Please download and submit the farmer’s signed Agreement to Nomination form.

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