Nominate a Collaboration


The following information is required to be profiled in Field to Market’s Project Spotlight Series or to be considered for the Collaboration of the Year Award.

Field to Market recognizes our Spotlight Honorees at our annual June Plenary and the winners of our annual Sustainability Leadership Awards at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit in November. In addition to this recognition, each Spotlight Honoree and Award winner are recognized through the year through Field to Market’s communications channels and press coverage. Learn more about past annual Award winners or explore our Spotlight series.

  • The Project Spotlight Series profiles Projects registered in Field to Market’s Continuous Improvement Accelerator that are advancing continuous improvement in sustainable agriculture.
  • The Collaboration of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding Project registered in Field to Market’s Continuous Improvement Accelerator that has demonstrated achievements in advancing continuous improvement in sustainable agriculture at the field and landscape level and serves as a model for peers across the supply chain.

Cross-sector collaborations include:

  • Continuous Improvement Projects: Led by Field to Market members and comprising an array of sectors involved in promoting, defining, and measuring the sustainability of food, fiber, and fuel production. The overarching goals for projects registered in the Continuous Improvement Accelerator is to identify and promote continuous improvement. 
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Collaborations among federal, state, or local government with private industry, such as USDA NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program projects or Conservation Innovation Grants, which utilize Field to Market’s tools and resources. 
  • Industry-NGO Partnerships: Collaborations between private industry institutions and conservation organizations focused on continuous improvement within supply chains or watersheds, utilizing Field to Market’s tools and resources. 
  • Other: Multi-stakeholder collaborations between grower organizations and other supply chain sectors focused on continuous improvement in sustainability outcomes, which utilize Field to Market’s tools and resources.


  1. Collaboration must be registered within Field to Market’s Continuous Improvement Accelerator and demonstrate use of Field to Market tools and resources to drive continuous improvement.
  2. Collaboration must be for a specific project, event, program, etc. that is either underway or completed (collaborations in the planning phase do not qualify).
  3. Demonstrated willingness to advocate and share learnings with others to scale sustainability.


  1. Collaboration must include two or more Field to Market member organizations from at least two or more membership sectors (i.e., Affiliate, Agribusiness, Brands & Retail, Civil Society, and Grower).
  2. Clearly outlines the shared challenge or opportunity that led to the collaboration as well as the goals it hoped to accomplish and the outcomes realized.
  3. Ability to communicate how the collaboration created opportunities for continuous improvement in sustainability across the agricultural supply chain and demonstrate project outcomes.
  4. Potential for replication by other members.

Crafting a Strong Awards Nomination:

As a resource for members preparing nominations for the Sustainability Leadership Awards, we hosted a Field to Market In Focus webinar on crafting a strong awards nomination. Please refer to the webinar slides and recording to learn answers to frequently asked questions and tips on preparing your nomination.

Collaboration Overview


Please describe in no more than two sentences the primary intent or purpose of the collaboration. What does the collaboration intend to accomplish together?

Partners Involved

Please list what organizations are involved in the collaboration.


Nominator Contact Information


Collaboration Details

NOTE: The questions below are required for both Project Spotlight and Collaboration of the Year nominations.


Please provide state abbreviation separated by commas (i.e., IA, IL, IN)
Please list any watershed(s) that the collaboration's efforts may impact.
Please provide the total acreage influenced by the collaboration's efforts to drive continuous improvement.
Field to Market Sectors Represented
Please select the Field to Market Sectors represented by the collaboration partners

Please provide the approximate start date for the collaboration (MM/YYYY)

Approximate collaboration end date. Please note if collaboration is still in progress.


(1) Please describe how Field to Market tools and resources were utilized in the collaboration to drive continuous improvement. *

(2) Please describe how the collaboration advances Field to Market’s mission (i.e., creating opportunities for continuous improvements in productivity, profitability, and environmental outcomes). *

(3) Please include a quote from one of the partnering organizations and/or stakeholders impacted by this collaboration, highlighting the accomplishments and value of the collaboration’s efforts. *

Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png.

Include a minimum of one and up to six photos with short descriptions in an accompanying text file that visually demonstrate the narrative portion of the nomination.

Please Note: Completion of the Following Section is Required for Collaboration of the Year Nominations

If you would like the project to also be considered for the Collaboration of the Year Award as part of Field to Market's Sustainability Leadership Awards in November, please complete the following information. Please note that being featured as a Project Spotlight does not require the following information and you may skip forward to submit your nomination.


(1) Please provide a more detailed overview of the collaboration, including the shared challenge or opportunity that formed it, the goals the partners hope to accomplish and the specific roles and responsibilities of each partner organization.

(2) Please provide an overview of the outcomes to date, including specific, quantifiable examples or Claims where possible.

(3) What lessons have partners learned resulting from the collaboration that can either increase effectiveness (if ongoing) or inform future collaborations?

(4) How are the partners communicating their involvement in the collaboration and sharing lessons learned with others?

Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png.

Include sample materials developed for the collaboration (i.e., PowerPoint decks, handouts, pamphlets, case studies, articles, etc.)
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.

Case studies or media articles regarding the collaboration’s efforts
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png.

Letters of recommendation from stakeholders and/or other partners in the collaboration about milestones or accomplishments achieved and value of the collaboration.