Bunge Milling

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Scott Gill
IT Manager-e Services
Jason Gustafson
Alex Hibler
Terminal Manager
Alex Hibler
Terminal Manager
Perla Mejia
Marina Negroponte
Cotter Norris
Matt Reed
Deb Seidel
Director of Communications
Antonio ValleNeto

Partnership Exchange Preferences

Qualified Data Management Partner

Bunge Centerfield is a partnership between growers, food companies and Bunge. The program collects farm-level data to promote supply chain transparency and sustainable agriculture, with aggregated information then shared with participating growers and food customers. Centerfield’s integration with the Fieldprint Platform utilizes Field to Market’s common measurement framework of eight key sustainability indicators available to U.S. farmers, streamlining the process of documenting and demonstrating their stewardship through the support of Bunge’s merchandising managers.
Offered In
Working With
Corn (grain)
Focused On
Energy Use
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Irrigation Water Use
Land Use
Soil Carbon
Soil Conservation
Water Quality

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