Science Advisory Council

The Science Advisory Council provides expert guidance to Field to Market's membership that will ensure best available science is used throughout our program when establishing metrics, as well as measuring, monitoring, and reporting on sustainability outcomes. The Council reflects a diversity of scientific disciplines ranging from greenhouse gas modeling, soil science, hydrology, wildlife biology, and statistical sampling. The group assists with providing peer review of key Field to Market reports and publications.

Eligibility: Subject matter experts appointed by the Board of Directors
Term: Two years
Size: Twelve to Fifteen members

With questions on the Science Advisory Council, please contact Manager of Science and Research Gina Nicols.


Edward Barnes
Cotton Incorporated
Bruno Basso
Michigan State University
Harvey Bradford
Thomas Green
IPM Institute of North America
Tai McClellan
Eileen McLellan
Environmental Defense Fund
Civil Society
Michele Reba
Casey Sheley
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Ed Spevak
St. Louis Zoo
Mark Tomer
USDA Agricultural Research Service

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