Continuous Improvement Process

Phase Zero : Define Project Intent & Scope

Field to Market’s Continuous Improvement Accelerator harnesses the power of collaboration across the agriculture value chain to implement locally-led conservation solutions to deliver sustainable outcomes for agriculture.

By registering continuous improvement projects and publicly reporting progress against achieving continuous improvement goals and objectives, the Accelerator creates a standardized and validated approach to recognize and reward the contributions of Field to Market members in advancing sustainable agriculture. 

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Phase One: Develop Your Continuous Improvement Plan

A Continuous Improvement Plan must be completed and on file with Field to Market before a project can be considered an active project in the Continuous Improvement Accelerator and listed on the public-facing Project Directory.

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Phase Two: Implement & Evaluate Progress

Annual Reports must be submitted during the reporting period to maintain an Active Project registration on the public-facing Project Directory. The reporting period is January 1 through April 30 for data collected in the previous crop year.

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All progress for individual project objectives is currently completed by clicking "Manage My Project" on the Project Hub. For planning purposes, please refer to the MS Word Annual Report Form available in the Learning Center. 

Phase Three: Document Project-Level Improvements

Our goal is to support you in communicating the efforts you have taken to support farmers in accelerating continuous improvement in the targeted sustainability outcome and to create an authentic conversation to better inform stakeholders on the challenges and successes in advancing sustainable agriculture.

Submit Project Evaluation Statement >

To make a claim regarding your project, please submit a Claims Approval Form and allow for 3 to 5 business days for review.

Phase Four: Demonstrate Project-Level Sustainability Impact

If you wish to quantify change over time in accordance with Field to Market’s Impact Claims Protocol or pursue additional pathways Field to Market has enabled that align with Scope 3 emissions reporting and/or ecosystem services markets, this steps allows you to provide a narrative description and accompanying spreadsheet to quantify impact.

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To make a claim regarding your project, please submit a Claims Approval Form and allow for 3 to 5 business days for review.